Split Pic

Split Pic divides camera into multiple sections. There are a variety of different layouts for people to choose from which they can then blend together to create unique and stunning images.

The Challenge

When EasyTigerApps came to us, Split Pic was growing in traction, but the design was outdated. There were hundreds of comments in the App Store from users that they wanted a visual update. Our challenge was that the app is complex on itself. It has a lot of different features. The flow had to be simplified without compromising on the functionality.

Our Approach

It all began by defining goals for this project by facilitating a strategy session with the client. In this process, we learned more about their users. Then we conducted a user research of an existing product to learn more about user’s needs, desires, and preferences. By analyzing an existing product, we identified current user pain points so we could fix them. We also documented an existing user task flows which would later help us evaluate our solutions.

We started simplifying user flows by combining similar features into groups that would later become different panels. Throughout this process, we evaluated every design decision based on how well users can accomplish their tasks at hand as well as others. We explored everything so we could make sure the product is as intuitive as possible.

Once our solutions made sense in the form of user flows, we started creating wireframes on which we conducted usability testing with users that used the current product. Only once everything was validated we moved onto visual design which was updated so it could represent product’s values better.


When a product gets redesigned, there are two extremes that are usually formed. First, there are users that absolutely love it, and then there are the ones that absolutely hate it. Luckily for us, all users liked the new look and feel. This didn’t go unnoticed – Apple featured Split Pic on App Store. Before an update, Split Pic had around 10 million users. This number has now risen to a staggering 50 million users, and it’s growing every single day.

Scope of Work

  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design