Moments is an app that helps people create beautiful time-lapse and stop-motion movies in a matter of seconds. They can add text, music, and filters to create professional touches to their videos.

The Challenge

There are a lot of apps out there that allows people to capture moments in time but most of them aren’t fun and easy to use. The challenge was to create an experience that is ridiculously easy and exciting at the same time.

Our Approach

We kicked off this project by defining project goals and target audience. Then we conducted a competitive analysis where we gained insights about good and bad patterns of similar products on the market. That gave us enough info for us to start conceptualizing the product. First, we created personas and user stories. We then listed all the features in a feature matrix. Feature matrix helped us understand the value of features in relation to their cost so we could start prioritizing them.

Next, we started working on information architecture. This is where we created sitemaps and user journeys to determine how the user will navigate through the app. Accomplishing tasks had to be intuitive and simple.

When the overall structure and navigation patterns of a product were perfected, we moved onto next stage – wireframing. With wireframes, we illustrated an overall layout of a product interface, defined the rules for displaying information and the behavior of its elements. Before moving to visual design, we validated our solution by usability testing.

The last part was to transform these wireframes into a visual language that expressed product’s personality and values as well as telling a story that resonates with people.


The outcome was great; users loved it! As a bonus, Apple featured Moments as the best new app.

Scope of Work

  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design