Fused is an intuitive photo and video app that lets people blend videos, photos or a combination of both. With Fused they can easily create double exposure photos and unleash creativity by creating unique blends by adding filters to photos or videos.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create something that is simple, easy to use, and look great on mobile devices. Users should be able to see their blend outcome, controls and the blending content at the same.

Our Approach

Our first step was to define project goals and target audience. By facilitating a discovery session with a client, we gained insights that brought us more clarity. That helped us define purpose and vision for the project and prioritize goals.

We identified a target audience, their pain-points and how this product will solve them. By thoroughly understanding users we were now equipped to start working on solutions. We created user task flows to determine how the user will navigate through the app and make sure they can accomplish a task with the least amount of friction. We then visualized user task flows by creating wireframes.

To make sure we aren’t wasting any time we decided to validate our wireframes by conducting a usability test. After wireframes were validated, we moved on visual design. Typeface and color palette was carefully crafted based on product vision we defined together with a client in a discovery session. Lastly, we applied design onto the wireframes creating a cohesive visual experience throughout the product.


We were able to create a product that is significantly accepted and loved by iOS users. It is currently rated 4.5 stars on App Store with more than 18 thousand ratings. Fused was also featured by Apple as the best new app.

Scope of Work

  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design