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What is a UX Design?

UX Design is a process that guides users to successfully reach their goals most effectively and pleasingly while interacting with a product. There isn’t a typical day for a UX designer. However, there are a handful of different techniques to solve a particular user problem. Find out what they are.

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The Elements and Principles of Design

To truly master design, you have to learn two fundamentals – design elements and design principles. Design elements are building blocks of design whereas design principles are different methods that are applied to these elements. A success of our design is determined by how well we use these techniques. Learn about these two fundamentals and become a better designer today.

5 Phases of Product Development Process

What is the difference between a million dollar product and the one that never got any traction? The key difference is the total amount of time spent on validated learning. Everybody would like to disrupt the market, but only a few do. Learn about the five phases of a product development process that helps us create something people actually want to use.